About Pierrots

Pierrots House of Hair (originally Pierrot’s Hair Studios) was established in Kalamunda 36 years ago and during this time the salon has gained a reputation for its highly educated and award-winning staff as well as exceptional customer service. As of 2020, the very well-loved salon manager, Julia Cockman, took over as salon owner where she continues to grow and evolve the brand.

Julia is a born and bred Kalamunda girl, who often as a teenager would come into the salon and be in awe at the talent and creativity the staff possessed. It was quite a few years later, in 2009 that Julia started her mature age apprenticeship whilst also playing the role as a young, single mother. This gave her the motivation to qualify early and quickly move into a management role within the salon. In the last ten years, Julia’s dedication to the art of hairdressing has never dwindled, quickly paving the way to her future as the salon owner.  It’s her love for her guests, exceptional customer service, passion for our salon brand Aveda and her drive for ongoing education that truly makes her one of a kind.

This salon has and always will be known for its excellent customer service, but now we do this with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. As a sustainable salon, 95% of our salon waste is into inventive solutions that make a big impact. Our product brand Aveda is also a highly innovative, cruelty-free company, which not only produce high end results, but also is ethically aligned with our values at Pierrot’s Hair Studios. Our heart lies within the Kalamunda Community, however we have an increasing number of clients travelling from all over Perth to get their hair done at our salon, bringing fresh eyes to the City of Kalamunda.